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Armagh Team are greeted at Taghnevan        2003-10-03 12:15:10
A Few photographs of the Armagh Team being greeted by fans at Taghnevan have been added to the Photo Gallery / Miscellaneous section 2003. Some photos taken at the All Ireland Final have also been added to the Photo Gallery

Championship match postponed        2003-08-10 12:15:10
The Championship Match between St Paul's and Madden has been postponed due to a bereavement.Sheila McALernon, Wife of St Paul?s Club Secretary Patsy and Mother of Committee Member Michael died suddenly today. We would like to take this opportunity to offer Patsy and Michael our deepest sympathy for their loss.

The John Tennyson Cup and Shield        2003-08-09 15:09:10
The John Tennyson Cup and Shield hosted by St Paul's will take place on Saturday 16th August 2003. Players born on or after January 1st 1993 are eligible to participate with teams consisting of 15 players.Food and refreshments will be available for all the teams

Girls Summer Tournament         2003-08-05 18:09:10
St Paul's Girls Under10 and Under12s took part in a tournament held at the playing fields today. The other participating Clubs were Clan Eireann and St Peter's. Photographs taken at the tournament have been added to the Photo Gallery.

St Paul's v Silverbridge        2003-07-18 18:09:10
St Paul's draw with Silverbridge at the Playing fields. Score : St Paul's ( 1-11 ) Silverbridge ( 1-11).

St Peter's v St Paul's        2003-07-11 12:08:09
St Paul's defeat St Peter's by 3 points. Score : St Paul's ( 0-10 ) St Peter's ( 0-10 )

St Paul's v Maghery        2003-07-09 16:30:45
St Paul's draw with Maghery at the Playing Fields. Score St Paul's ( 1-09 ) Maghery ( 3-03 )

Under16s        2003-07-08 15:08:09
St Paul's Under16s defeat Clan Eireann tonight by 3 Points

Intermediate Championship        2003-07-03 10:08:09
After a very close game played at Maghery. St Paul's come away with a 1 point victory Result : St Paul's ( 0-13 ) Collegeland ( 0-12 )

Under 12s        2003-07-02 10:08:09
St Paul's Under 12s draw with Clan na Gael at the Playing Fields.

Under 16s        2003-07-02 10:08:09
St Paul's Under 16st defeat Tir na Nog at the Playing Fields with a 12 point margin. Result : St Paul's 3-08 Tir Na Nog 1-02.

Championship Draw        2003-07-02 10:08:09
St Paul's will play Madden in the Semi-Final of the Intermediate Championship.

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