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Comments by:  katie fitz  katie-fitzsimmons@hotmail    2009-06-03 10:10:34

st.pauls is da best lak!!!!

Comments by:  Bainisteoir    2009-04-05 15:53:12

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Comments by:  mcnally    2009-02-08 22:26:46

hi everybody

Comments by:  we shane    2008-11-08 01:48:30

good site and wish u well on new pitch

Comments by:  dell    2008-07-12 04:07:01

up da pauls u n me both 2008 gettin fed up wi all theese medals

Comments by:  dell  emk391     2008-07-12 03:43:04

u 14 i think the coaches hav a lot 2 do wi the sucess of a team not just their fitness but their ability 2 train a team aqnd get the team 2 respond ex my son loved his u10 coaches mickey n squeek he loved his u12 coaches marty n noel now u14 muttly he still loves it i hope he keeps it up

Comments by:  dell    2008-07-12 03:32:25

as a parent of a lad who has been a member of st pauls from the age of 8 to now when he is a 12 yr old i think that says sumthing in them 4 yrs it is difficult keepin a chld entertained now at 12 coming 13 i think and pray his loyalities lye wi st pauls at almost 13 he has 3 championship medals n numerous 1st place trophies ooooo dont 4get u14 done the double this year again wot a fffff in team omg another championship medal meee his mum is brain mallons cousin i hope

Comments by:  matty    2008-07-11 23:49:50

we are going to win the all aramgh championship c'mon under 14s we wil beat kileavey r pearse ogs

Comments by:  trooper      2008-07-10 21:00:38

well done u-14's on doing the double! hopefully the senior team can stay top of the legue!yeeeeeeeeeooooo

Comments by:  dean      2008-07-07 15:03:58

we r lies

Comments by:  nathan mc alinden  natho-celtic-4-life-2t7@h    2008-06-18 15:59:19

do we need 2 go up 2 tir na nog 4 da development squad 2nyt???

Comments by:  Nathan mc Alinden  natho-celtic-4-life-2t7@h    2008-05-12 10:13:28

come on st. pauls under 14s lets go 4 da double

Comments by:  RUAIR DORAN    2008-04-29 12:17:37


Comments by:  leg-end       2008-04-10 13:38:05

bring back weedo 9t9!!!!!!! weedo weedo weedo weedo we all follow you weedo!!!!!

Comments by:  anonymous  ???    2008-01-02 22:50:09

wots the craic with the latest news, is there nothing happening???

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