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Comments by:  Pat McKenna    2011-05-30 00:38:42

Scor agus Ceile St Mary’s Aghagallon will hold Scor agus Ceile in St Michael’s Grammar School on Sunday 12th June commencing at 7.00pm. Scor will feature our own successful Scor Na nOg and Scor Sinsear participants as well as guests from Scor across Ulster. The evening will include supper and will finish with a Ceile, come along and enjoy a great night’s craic. Admission £5, pay at door. St Mary’s GAC Aghagallon

Comments by:  Rachel      2011-05-10 10:14:37


Comments by:  :D      2011-05-10 10:12:22

sT p@UlS iz liezz!

Comments by:  Ryan Ferris  wheally bin    2011-04-21 12:27:23

Any fishing trips on over the summer should be as the weather is luking good

Comments by:  neil gallagher  neilgallagher118@hotmail.    2010-11-03 13:28:37

hi, does the club organise a friendly game over xmas? If so when does it start?. Im back for xmas for a week would like to catch up with old team mates. Good to see the club going from strength to strength. Cheers. Neil.

Comments by:  Rachel & Eimear  bla bla bla    2010-11-03 11:45:08

Up St Pauls :P

Comments by:  St.Paul      2010-09-07 01:30:19

Think it would be a great opportunity to get a few photographs tomorrow night. With the seniors playin eire og in a friendly under the new lights for the 1st team surely it cant be missed

Comments by:  ole-timer    2010-08-10 08:46:28

Hi Chucker, What is your full email address.

Comments by:  Chucker  chuck.mccaughley@st-annes    2010-02-02 14:54:48

Good to be back!!!

Comments by:  tiarná,katie.rachel and c  helllo    2010-01-28 20:43:56

C'mon st.paul's

Comments by:  Hellooooo  helloo    2010-01-28 20:43:40

St.Pauls is a goodd team :D xxxxxxxxxx

Comments by:  John      2009-11-27 18:27:17

Com'n St.Pauls lol.

Comments by:  GEAROID MAC CONMHAOIL    2009-11-24 16:58:43

Great to see dis wee club doin so well, or should i say, Big club now? I,ve noticed da great development on da playin feilds, outstandin lads creadit to yez after all da hard work put in over the years.Love da website.Will be hopein can organise a ball game wiff my local club,S.T.PEREGRINES DUBLIN.BEST OF LUCK.DAT WILL BE DA OVER 30s by da way.

Comments by:  eimear,rachel,niamh,chloe      2009-11-16 17:15:43

Up St.Pauls best team lahh (:

Comments by:  Elaine Heaney    2009-11-15 16:16:54

The sight looks great. Any photos of "Tina Turners" apperance? LOL!!Looking forward to coming home and spending xmas night at the club. Maybe Tina will make an appearance. Good Luck!!

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